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v15 #6 Libraries On The Move

National Library of France Embarks on Huge Digitization Project — The National Library of France has signed a new deal with the Jouve-Safig-Diadeis in a partnership for the digitization of its print collections of more than 70,000 works per year.  Financed by the Centre national du livre, the agreement is for a 3-year period.

Moving the Library to the Students — The Drexel University Libraries in Philadelphia have become overcrowded with a great need for study spaces, so the library is creating a Library Learning Terrace near the undergraduate living area with access to the Library’s digital collections and audio-visual equipment.

Check-out a Bike at Cornell Library — Students at Cornell are managing a bike-sharing program in which they can check out one of a fleet of bikes or a helmet at the circulation desk.

UCSD Begins Closing Libraries — The UCSD campus has announced it will begin consolidating four of its six campus libraries.

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