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v.15 #1 LibraryThing Reaches Out to Publishers

LibraryThing, a free service that allows its over one million customers free online cataloging of up to 200 books, is now reaching out to publishers to create links to their page.  Once the free membership level of 200 books is reached, users pay $10 a year or $25 for a lifetime for unlimited cataloging.  Users search the Library of Congress, the five Amazon sites, and over 80 other worldwide libraries to choose books to add to their virtual library.  Members can use personal tags or LOC and Dewey systems to catalog the book; a tag cloud appears on each book’s page to send users to similarly-tagged or cataloged books.

Some facts about LibraryThing:

  • Over 51 million books have been added by members
  • Over 1 million book reviews have been written by members
  • Monthly “Early Reviewer” books are added by over 340 publishers
  • LibraryThing provides usage stats to publishers
  • LibraryThing for Publishers is free

To learn more, logon to

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