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HighWire Press 2009 Librarian eBook Survey

In the fall of 2009, HighWire Press invited librarians to participate in a survey on attitudes and practices related to e-books. One hundred thirty-eight librarians from 13 countries responded to the survey.  Sixty-two percent of participants work in graduate/professional or undergraduate academic institutions, and participants represent a variety of roles in libraries, including reference, instruction, technical services, acquisitions, serials, digital resource management, and administration.  Participants predict significant growth in library e-book budgets in the next five years.  Most participants work in libraries that have large budgets for digital resources, with 79 (59%) reporting that their budgets are greater than $250,000.  However, in most cases a small percentage of this is currently spent on e-books, with 60 participants (44%) indicating that their library owns or subscribes to 10,000 or fewer e-books.  To read the full report, go to

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