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By The Numbers

174 million…Total number of book records found in bibliographic records in the world.  Electronic Frontier Foundation, February 19, 2010,

<2%…The percentage of all books sold in 2009 that were e-books, according to Bowker., February 27, 2010,

10…The number of digits of information needed to label uniquely each human being on the planet.  BBC, March 9, 2010,

+1.9%…The 2010 growth forecast in ad spending on print magazines.  Folio, March 9, 2010,

63.2%…The percentage of scholarly book publishers that publish e-books in one way or another, with the average across all publishers at just 9.4%.  Two-thirds of publishers have retro-digitized their backlists.  Press Release, March 18, 2010,

1.8%…The decrease in U.S. book sales in 2009.  Press Release, April 7, 2010,

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