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By the Numbers

96%…The percentage of Americans who think that school libraries are an essential part of the education experience.
State of America’s Libraries Report 2010, April 11, 2010,

82%…The percentage of Internet users who looked up information or completed a transaction on a government Website over the previous year.
Pew Internet, April 27, 2010,

35 zettabytes…The total amount of digital information projected to exist in 2020, or 44 times more information than in 2009. (1 zettabyte = 10 billion terabytes.)
Wired, April 30, 2010,

30.3 billion…The number of videos viewed by 178 million Internet users in the United States in April 2010., June 1, 2010,

27…The number of known cases of unanimous faculty votes for institutional OA policies, more than twice the number of one year ago.
The SPARC Open Access Newsletter, June 2, 2010,

5 million…The number of iBooks downloaded in the first 65 days since the launch of the iPad., June 8, 2010,

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